Trip To Carbon

A simple carbon footprint calculation API for transport.

Calculate the carbon emissions of
any trip

const axios = require("axios"); axios.get('') .then(function (response) { console.log(; }) .catch(function (error) { console.log(error); });

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Q & A's

I'm using two methods outlined by the IPCC, DEFRA U.K & GHG Protocol. Here is a document detailing the calculation method

Yes, for now there is a rate limit of about 5 requests per minute. Authenticated requests using API keys have a higher limit of 20 requests/min. This will be increased soon.

Cool, you can message me on twitter . I keep a list of possible improvements.

The use cases are pretty much similar to any A.P.I. If you are looking for ideas:
- Calculate your personal or business travel carbon emissions
- Carbon offset app
- Travel carbon analytics app
- Integrate the A.P.I into a travel site or map application like waze
- Make a carbon emission calculator :p